Carisso Haine [BA Hons]
Member of United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy [UKCP]
Member of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association [IEDTA]

I have been an accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist since 1980. In 2006 I started a training in a very different way of working: Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy [ISTDP] which uses the underlying principles of psychotherapy but developed a much more effective way of using them.

I work with people who are made unhappy by chronic anxiety, depression, or other painful emotional states. Unconsciously, people bury their feelings and subsequently avoid feeling them and this is what leads to their psychological problems. The unconscious strategies used to avoid feelings are known as defences. I am active; following from moment to moment those defences against feelings that the patient is using. The relationship is a collaborative one; both of us working together to connect the patient with his or her true feelings. I have the opportunity to be of real help, enabling the individual to live an authentic and satisfying life – and this is what I love doing.

I find that my work as a therapist is continually interesting and absorbing. It is an honour when patients allow me to really know them. Trust is something I know I have to earn. My respect for them is unqualified: people have come to me because they are suffering. They hope there is a better way to live their lives and my responsibility is to do the best I can, using my knowledge of psychological development and of the discoveries of neuroscience to help them give up the self-destructive ways they have been managing their feelings, to find what feels true to themselves.