The Way I Work

ISTDP differs significantly from conventional psychotherapy in that it is pro-active rather than neutral.

ISTDP is unlike traditional psychotherapy in that I am actively engaged with the patient. The self-destructive ways he or she has learned [e.g. anxiety, depression, repeated relationship failures] are understood and other ways of relating to oneself and others can be found. People don’t choose to be unhappy and the possibility of finding another way to live can be exciting.
We would start with a 3-hour Trial Therapy, which will get to the source of your difficulties and give you a taste of what the therapy is like. This will be followed the next day by a 50-minute session where we would review what we had learned and decide on what would be the best way forward for you.

ISTDP involves on my part an understanding of psychological development, of how and why longstanding ways of being interfere with pleasure in life and with both personal and professional relationships.

On your part, you will bring a commitment to yourself to find the way out of your unsatisfying and painful ways of living and feeling.