Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy ISTDP

People come for therapy for a variety of reasons, but the driver of their unhappiness lies in the ways they have used to manage feelings over the years.

Depression and anxiety are examples which actually result in a lot of suffering. Of course, there are always difficulties, living is never pain or conflict free, but so often individuals find it impossible to find inside themselves the best way to deal with their problems; they find themselves bogged down in repeat patterns of, for example, anxiety, depression, problematic or failed relationships, perhaps a lack of meaning in their lives.


ISTDP is a well-known, well-documented and well respected model of therapy that focuses on creating deep and lasting change for individuals. There are numerous research trials demonstrating its effectiveness and many articles /books/publications illustrating its power in dealing with anxiety and depression and other therapeutic issues as well as its capacity to lead to positive personality change. It involves on my part an understanding of psychological development, of how and why longstanding ways of being interfere with pleasure in life and with both personal and professional relationships.

For your part, you will bring a commitment to yourself to find the way out of your unsatisfying and emotionally painful ways of living and feeling.

ISTDP is unlike traditional psychotherapy in that I am actively engaged with the patient. The self-destructive ways he or she has learned [e.g. anxiety, depression, repeated relationship failures] are understood and other ways of relating to oneself and others can be chosen. People don’t choose to be unhappy and the possibility of finding another way to live can spark hope and optimism.

To help people become what they have always had the potential to be, is satisfying for the two of us who are engaged in the process. To work together to find and overcome the barriers to personal fulfilment in life is an exciting and inspiring journey.